Before the show went to air for its first season, the creators of the show and HBO asked a few companies to put together title treatments and looks for the shows opening credits. This was the treatment I created and pitched, made entirely out of collage and photographed, to show the basic style.

With this I was hoping to create a fun, yet creepy way to start viewers off into the campy world of Charlane Harris. After making these style frames, I was also asked to create a motion test, and "flesh out" the idea into a bit more of a real title sequence.

So with the help of fellow artist Paulo DeAlmada, we set forth on the two week adventure of creating, what accidentally became the entire title sequnece :) It is in my opinion a testament to how much quality work can be fiinished in a short amount of time when you plan well, have a strong vision (no wishy washy) and have a talented fellow such as Mr. DeAlmada to help out. The sequence was made using a combination of 2d and 3d animation as well as more collage scanned in and manipulated for effect. Enjoy.

True Blood Titles Concept from Dan Gutierrez on Vimeo.