So HDnet approached wanting to create not only a new logo, but a series of channel bumpers that that would be played before movies. The type of bumper was based on the genre of the movie or show that was going to be played, so a horror bumper before a horror movie, a serious bumper before a drama or documentary, etc. The logo design was performed by Kirk Balden, all other artwork, including the idea presented in this video was created by myself.

This one was pitched as being played before animated movies or even perhaps comedies. The sequence would have been animated in CG with all the action taking place in a soft white background, like you would find on a photo shoot. Soft lighting and simple characters would not only make the project practical to do in the limited time (not to mention this was one of ten or so bumpers) but would also lend a sophistication and generic enough look to not stand out before whatever variety of movies shown after, but still have enough style to be visually interesting.

This was the animatic sent over for approval of the general idea and timing for the bumper.