The Magic Number

The Magic Number pt. 1
The Magic Number pt. 2
The boards presented here were created to present the clients with options on how to open their commercial about the 3d release of Alice in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol.

(Above) Since the song was originally from School House Rocks (as performed by Blind Melon) they asked us to create something in the classic style of the saturday morning cartoon. I went for that same pen and ink hatching in the design and solid vibrant colors in the animated elements. The background was a color wash, that would suggest texture to contrast the flat foreground elements, yet be subtle enough to not be distracting.

As in the original cartoon we see a gloomy landscape, only to witness the life cycle of storms, rain of water and “3” seeds, and the birth of our “3” Tree. Then we push in with all of the 3d effects and parallax as we go down the rabbit hole. Here we enter a crossover universe of color and shapes as we are teleported to the families living room where we can watch them enjoying Alice in Wonderland.

In the end we ditched the whole concept of doing a traditional 2d intro, in order to do something a bit more modern and visually flashy to showcase the 3d technology. I think it would have been fun to create this particular scenario and in 3d for the ultimate blend between classic and modern aesthetics but the final product ended up being pretty fun too.