Pretty Little Liars -- Ashleys2Ashes
The boards presented here were created with the goal of creating a 20(ish) second title treatment for a new show on ABC family.

(Above) As the music begins to play we follow ceramic models of cell phones falling in slow motion from the sky. Embossed within every phone is a different threat or tease from the girls missing friend, each one revealing knowledge of the girls secrets. Through out the sequence we see the phones deteriorating and crumbling apart, symbolizing the girls fragile lies. As the phones hit the ground they crumble to dust. We cut out to a wide shot looking down at the ash pile, just then the ashes begin to blow away revealing that they were covering a carving resembling that of a tombstone, that displays the title of the show “Pretty Little Liars”.

(Below) On a bright colored background reminiscent of the book covers we see our main character walking confidently in place towards camera. As she is walking we see the cast names being typed out around her, as if they were displayed on a cellphone. Also as these are going on we see her other friends step out and walk with her for a while, each holding objects that give insight to our characters personality, i.e., shopping bags, sports equipment, school books, etc. As her last friend disappears, four shadow reveal themselves, and envelop our protagonist. Fade from black to the four main girls sitting at the funeral. Their cell phones begin to ring, with what we can only assume to be a message from their “missing” friend due to the surprised looks upon their faces. Overwhelmed by surprise, the girls drop their phones. We follow the falling, tumbling phones down as the fall past a simple, yet elegant, show title.

Pretty Little Liars -- With friends like these